This is the third set of NY bird pictures that I have scanned. The pre-dawn shot at Braddock Bay sets the stage for a trip to the Owl Woods, and a closeup of a Northern Saw-Whet. The rest of the birds are wintering gulls.

[Sunrise] [Saw-whet]
Sunrise at Braddock Bay Northen Saw-whet Owl
Braddock Bay, October 11, 1997 Braddock Bay, March 28, 1998
[LBB Gull] [Iceland Gull]
Lesser Black-backed Gull Iceland Gull
Detection Systems, March 14, 1998 Russell Station, December 6, 1997
[Bonaparte's and Little Gull]
Bonaparte's and Little Gulls
Charlotte, February 21, 1998

All images copyright © 1997, 1998 by John H. Boyd III