The snow geese below were a fraction of the perhaps 75,000 that were on or around Cayuga Lake that day. It was truly impressive to see and hear them in flight. I couldn't resist snapping the photo of the classic pair of mute swans. One black-capped chickadee is hoping for a handout at Mendon Ponds. The other moved just as I took the picture. I like the combination of the heron and the loosestrife, as well as the green-winged teal and the green water. The next row has a Turkey Vulture soaring above the Great Bend Gorge at Letchworth Park in Fall 1996. The Black-and-white Warbler (pretending to be a woodpecker) and the warblers in the last row are part of the many (25 or so species) that visited the small wooded area on Cobb's Hill this spring.

[Snow Geese] [Mute Swans]
Snow and Canada Geese Mute Swans
Cayuga Lake, March 13, 1997 Irondequoit Bay Outlet, 1997
[Chickadee] [Chickadee2]
Black-capped Chickadees
Mendon Ponds Park, Winter 1996-7
[Green-winged Teal] [Great Blue Heron]
Green-winged Teal Great Blue Heron
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, Fall 1996
[B & W Warbler] [Turkey Vulture]
Black and White Warbler Turkey Vulture
Cobb's Hill, May 11, 1997 Letchworth Park, Fall 1996
[Palm Warbler] [Black-throated Blue Warbler]
Palm Warbler Black-throated Blue Warbler
Cobb's Hill, May 1997

All images copyright © 1996, 1997 by John H. Boyd III