[RS Hawk] [SB Ani]

The Smooth-billed Ani at the right is one of South Florida's specialties. It was taken about 1/2 mile from my home, on February 20, 2000. The Red-shouldered Hawk at left is the pale Florida race. It was taken on January 15, 2000, near Merritt Island. This page contains a selection of photos I've taken in South Florida. Other recent additions to my bird photos include a South Florida rarities page, a winter Arizona trip page, and a trip page for Newfoundland.

For a close-up view of any of the birds (including the Ani), click on any of the images. The close-ups range from 50K to 100K in size, and may be slow to load.

[American Redstart] [Cape May Warbler]
American Redstart Cape May Warbler
Cape Florida, April 23, 2000 Cape Florida, April 23, 2000
[Loggerhead Shrikes] [White Ibis]
Loggerhead Shrikes White Ibis
Black Creek Center, Miami, February 2000 Black Creek Center, Miami, February 25, 1999
[Barred Owl] [Purple Gallinule]
Barred Owl Purple Gallinule
Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, February 27, 1999 Anhinga Trail, Everglades National Park, September 7, 1999

More Bird Pictures

All the bird photos currently available can be found by using the Bird Photo Index. I've also got three pages like this one that contain bird photos taken in western New York (page1 | page 2 | page3).